The Surprisingly Effective at-home cardio workout

It is unusual to have a perfectly planned out schedule every day of your life. There are days where you must stay home for one reason or another. Whether you are a new mom, are cramming for an exam and don’t have time, or simply
can’t afford a gym membership, I have a solution for you!


First and foremost, I do realize that some movements are more difficult for some to do. For instance, my mother cannot do a box jump to save her life. Literally. If someone said, “Kim, if you want to live you have to do this box jump”, she would be like “sayonara bitch”. I certainly believe in modifying workouts to fit individual needs, so if you are having a hard time with any of the movements below, don’t be afraid to ask me how you can replace them!


I call this the “500 Rep Cardio Challenge”.


One morning I was sitting in my apartment and wanted so badly to sweat but I knew I didn’t have time to make it to the gym, as I had plans with a friend . Since I am not a runner, the only thing I could think to do was move my coffee table, blast some Nicki Minaj, and figure it out.


I decided to challenge myself to finish 500 repetitions of six different exercises within 30 minutes. Actually, the original workout called for 100 burpees but I shouted a big “f you” to that one after 30.


Some general guidelines to follow: I did as many as I could of the movement, and then stopped for a break. I will tell you what I mean below. Trust me, trying to complete this straight through will leave you gasping for air and praying that the pounding in your quads doesn’t follow you to Heaven.


Jump Squats

The first set of 100 I completed was the jump squat. Challenging, yet not life threatening. I broke this up in to 5 sets of 20 repetitions and rested as long as I needed to catch my breath (30 seconds-1 minute).


Jumping Lunges- Alternating Legs

This went easier than expected. I did one set of 40 and two sets of 30. Essentially I did 50 per leg, but as with any lunge both legs are working at all times.



Okay, so thank God I chose an easier movement prior to this one, because fucking ouch. I started off by doing 10, then like 8, then I was lucky to not throw up after 5. I got it done nonetheless, and decided that 50 of these bad boys would suffice. *Disclaimer: I can’t do the pushup at the bottom of the burpee due to my breast implants, and it was still very difficult. If you need to modify this particular exercise, don’t hesitate.


High Knees

Another movement that was fairly quick to complete for 100 reps. I ended up doing the same thing I did for the jump lunges, and split it up 40, 30, 30. Again, 50 per leg. If you feel as though you can do 100 per leg then by all means, be an overachiever.


Mountain Climbers

Because of the simplicity of this movement, I challenge you to push through and do 50 and 50. I put this at the end because at this point, your legs should be hurting. Let your shoulders and abs take the torment now.



So simple, yet so effective. All of the above should be working your abs, so think of this as a burnout. Don’t cheat, and make sure you are using proper form. Stop as needed, and make sure the movement is controlled and that you are squeezing those abs and BREATHING at the top of the movement.

Jump Squat 100 total
Jump Lunges 50 per leg (100 total jumps)
Burpee 50 total
High Knees 50 per leg (100 total high knees)
Mountain Climbers 50 per leg (100 total “tucks”)
Crunches 50 total

If you are unsure of how to perform any of the above exercises, YouTube and Google are your best friends. If I had someone to record me to show proper form I would, but who wants to film some girl dry heaving and ferociously sweating through the crotch of her Lululemon leggings? No one, that’s who.

If you decide to give this a go, please let me know how it went in the comments below, and sorry in advance for any sweat that falls on fine furniture. Happy day!


Sincerely, Morgan

2 thoughts on “The Surprisingly Effective at-home cardio workout

  1. Nicky says:

    Like this workout and can’t wait to try. But what could I do instead of the jumping lunges…I have never been able to do these.


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